#SLIGExperience – Day Two

Day Two of Course 9 started off with two guest speakers, Mona Lambrecht and Gena Philibert-Ortega.  I am not sure how UGA finds so many fantastic teachers.  Both were so unique in their presentations, however packed with tools, ideas and wonderful information.   I am still thinking about the ad shown for Cod Liver Oil “as palatable as milk”, YUCK, and the deviled ham sandwiches we had in the second session, YUM.  Both techniques will stick with me for a while.

So much fantastic information is being shared that I find it hard to stay focused on the presentation and not be working away on my computer.

We ended the day at the reception held by Ancestry ProGenealogists.  We toured the facility and had spirits and food, again YUM.  Word on the street is they are hiring.

I really should have taken some photographs throughout the day.  I think the excitement that has disrupted my sleep is starting to catch up with me.

Everyone I have talked with has expressed how much they are enjoying the course they picked.  My regret is that I cannot split myself in several parts and take multiple courses at once.

Wow I cannot believe it’s already Wednesday.  Why oh why is this week moving so quickly?  #SLIGExperience

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