Guess what Grandma.....

Posted by Annette Crafton Corbell on July 21, 2017

AKA Red Wynn – Let’s Get Acquainted (Part 1)

Maybe we should start with what is already well known.  On August 12, 1913, twenty-year-old Claude “Red” Wynn eloped with seventeen-year-old Pearl Olive Swango in Jay, Oklahoma.  Grandpa Swango was none too happy about that, maybe because of Pearl’s age or maybe because of the difference in their social status.  Due to the battle over …read more

Posted by Annette Crafton Corbell on February 12, 2017

Guess what Grandma

I have never considered myself a writer, but today I decided I would give it a shot.   I have spent all these years searching and researching, and what is the benefit of all this work if I do not share?   When I first really got interested in genealogy as soon as I would find …read more